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Nick, Chemeketa Community College (Salem, Oregon)
Campus Ambassadors came into my life at sort of a spiritual turning point: the point where I moved on from simple acceptance of God's grace to me, to the point of serving Him and showing that grace to others. It gave me a ministry opportunity unlike anything I'd done before, leading amongst my peers, but also being blessed and filled by the ministry at the same time.

This included going through the "Decipleship Training Guide" with Cameron West, one of the student interns. It helped me grow in deeper understanding of what I believe as a Christian, as well as how to lead others to discovering the same things for themselves. Uniquely, I got to record and produce video testimonies for Campus Ambassadors as well, using my gifts for the Kingdom in that way as well. I'm so thankful for what this ministry strives to do, and likewise has done in me.

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Raheel, University of Utah (Salt Lake City, Utah)
Raheel is from Pakistan and has completed his PhD in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Utah. He has been involved in the Campus Ambassadors International Friends ministry for about 6 years.

When people from abroad come to university here, they leave their families and cultures, thousands and thousands of miles away. And they miss it—they miss a sense of community.

The way International Friends works is by bringing a Christian set of values, to care for love people. When you bring that mindset—that set of values—to the group, it's a wonderful's a genuine thing. It's about what we are supposed to do as Christians and fills those needs of the international students, and gives them something they can trust in.

The reason why I became a volunteer after I graduated is that I enjoy that richness of other cultures and the universality of the Gospel that you can see and be part of in this cross-cultural ministry.

Tyler Stibrich

Tyler Stibrich, University of Arizona (Tucson, Arizona)
I grew up in small Christian schools in Colorado from preschool through high school, but when it came to college, God guided me out of state to the University of Arizona, everything my prior experience was not. It is large, public, liberal, and very secular. And I was going into with no friends or family, only God. In the months leading up to college, I prayed that God would help me find my place at the U of A.

A few weeks before I moved from home to college, I attended a barbecue for incoming freshmen put on by the local Alumni association. There I met Ryan Miller who was there with his brother Colin, another new freshman. Ryan told me about Damascus Road (DR), the church he pastored on the U of A campus.

When it came to the first week of the semester, I planned to begin my church shopping with DR since I had already met Ryan. One Sunday was all I needed to know Damascus Road was exactly where God meant me to be, that it was the reason I had been led to Arizona.

Through DR, God has shown me who He created me to be, and helped me to grow tremendously. I have had opportunity to serve here and abroad in Haiti. This summer I was trained to become a teacher at Damascus Road, and gave my first message a few weeks ago. I know with complete certainty that I am exactly where God wants me to be.

Damascus Road is a campus church plant of Campus Ambassadors.


Amy, University of Colorado (Boulder, CO)
God is my deliverer. Freshman year has been rocky for me. I discovered truths about God's kingdom that were countercultural and revolutionary to me. I knew that life would be different on my own, but I was shocked when my cultural foundation started to crumble beneath me.

God was bigger to me when my faith in him had to stand in the absence of peers that also believed. It was at that time that I was more than grateful for the Campus Ambassadors ministry.

God was moving in me in new ways and I was relieved to have a place on a very non-Christian campus that I could come to for discussion and understanding. Refuge, our weekly gathering, became a place that I could share my heart through participation on the worship team.

Through other experiences in Campus Ambassadors such as discipleship and service projects, and my growing faith, God has shown me how to live revolutionarily for him, to love in all circumstances, and to hope beyond hope. God became my cornerstone this year, and even in the dark I am able to remember the grace that he has poured upon me and the knowledge that he gave me when I earnestly sought him.