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Lordship Evangelism

We don't just spread the gospel; we create real disciples of Jesus Christ—believers who commit their whole lives to God.

Church Relationship

We connect students to local churches and encourage their active involvement in church both before and after graduation.

Biblical Righteousness

We encourage students to reflect God's righteousness through compassion in their personal relationships and through service to the community.

Leadership Development

We train students to serve and influence others through Christlike leadership in the church and society at large.


Student Spotlight

Nick, Chemeketa Community College (Salem, OR)
Campus Ambassadors came into my life at sort of a spiritual turning point: the point where I moved on from simple acceptance of God's grace to me, to the point of serving Him and showing that grace to others.

Campus Ambassadors houses

Campus Ambassadors Houses

Campus Ambassadors has multiple student houses that provide a safe and supportive living environment for students.