What is ASCENT?

ASCENT is a leadership conference sponsored by a team of churches and campus ministries that have come together around one common goal: the training and equipping of college and post-college leaders.

With ministries throughout the midwest, the Rockies, the southwest and Mexico, the team is excited to bring this opportunity for leadership training to Colorado.

ASCENT will challenge you, through spiritual practice and leadership training, to develop as a faith-filled leader who impacts your community, church, and culture.


We carry within us the essence of an artist, yet many of us have come to believe the lie that we are not creative. We cannot paint like Monet, write like Tolkien, or sing like Beyonce, so we believe the world when it tells us we are no artist. But we are crafted in the image of the creative God. Which means we are all innately creative like Him. We need to reclaim that essence—to create, to be a part of a process that brings to the world something beautiful, good, and true—in order to allow our souls to come to life.

Join with college and post-college leaders from across the country for ASCENT. This year, we will celebrate and explore the spiritual process that can help us discover our true selves. Not so that we can all go out and start painting, writing, composing, or whatever it is we think we must do to be a true artist, but so that we can infuse creativity in all that we do, all through our lives, work, play, and worship.

We have the ability to create beauty, and every action we take has the potential to be meaningful and impactful. To craft a true masterpiece—a life lived with courage and faith, with integrity and intention, with love and passion. Through CRAFTED, we will learn to see ourselves as artists, brimming with the creativity and energy to make an impact for Christ.

Our greatest work of art is the life we create.



Cost and Location

Cost: $249 ($289 after June 15)—covers all program fees, meals and shared lodging.

How to pay: Please pay your campus minister or pastor directly. To pay by credit card, call Grace Klein at Missions Door at 303.308.1818 ex.112 during business hours (M-Th 10:30am–5:30pm).

ASCENT 2018 will be housed at the Ponderosa retreat center in Monument, Colorado.


ASCENT 2018 dates:  August 6–10


Epic Game Night: The Colorado Job

You have been invited to a night of intrigue, betrayal, and high crime by the greatest thief to ever live. Gather your personal crew of thieves, dress to the nines, and come ready to prove you have what it takes to join a master thief on one last job.


ASCENT attendees may customize their Crafted experience through the selection of "Breakouts." These short courses will expand on main session teaching, provide ministry skill training, and develop spiritual practices.


Ethics breakouts focus on the struggle with the thornier issues of life and faith.

Leadership Development

Leadership Development breakouts focus on the expansion of leadership knowledge and application.

Life Skills

Life Skills breakouts focus on the development of skills useful in life regardless of ministry context.

Ministry Skills

Ministry Skills breakouts focus on the imparting of situationally-specific skills useful in a ministry context.

Spiritual Practice

Spiritual Practice breakouts focus on new understandings of the historical practices of faith.

Registration is due by July 24.

Registration opens soon.