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CA Houses

In March of 2009 Campus Ambassadors purchased a house for students to live in a community based on Christ's teachings in Worcester, MA. In 2015 CA purchased a second house in Brockport, NY and in 2016 CA began a third house in Albany, OR.

For more information about these houses or about living in a house, contact Caroline Geeze at for the Worcester house, Miranda Kirsop at for the Brockport house, and Daniel pace at for the Albany house.

"I walked into Thompson 111 on a Wednesday night and met some pretty awesome people. I had been invited for a lot of years and many times but something told me to go that day. It was an honor to be able to call Campus Ambassadors friends and a community. Through all the laughs, the long talks, the Bible studies, the fun activities, Fall Retreat, Infusion, Summer Bible Studies, CA events, my last year and a half became very memorable. I thank you all for the opportunities you gave me. I praise God for the path He guided me on and the path He is still guiding me on."

Morgan (student at Fitchburg State University)