What's church got to do with it?

What is Infusion?

in • fu • sion
n. the process of extracting certain active properties by steeping or soaking.

Infusion is a week where we come to soak in God's love, worship together and be surrounded by a community of love. It's a safe place to ask and explore difficult questions – questions about what we're learning together or questions about your own unique spiritual journey.

Infusion is a five day long leadership training conference for college students that is designed to show you more of God's heart, but it is also a chance for you to explore and express your own gifts. Some of what is offered is determined by students' participation and feedback in previous years.


When we hear the word “church”, the first thing that often comes to mind is a white-steepled building in a pristine setting. Churches, though, come in all shapes and sizes. They can range from a storefront to a house to a mega-campus. When it comes down to it, if all we think about church is a building, we have totally missed the biblical definition which has nothing to do with a location or a structure.

In the original language, it means “called out ones.” That being so, at the core of any definition for church, it has to involve people—people like you and me. It has been said that if you ever find the perfect church, don’t go there, because you will ruin it. As churches go, you are not going to find a perfect one, because churches are people—imperfect, flawed, defective, deficient people. Yet, together we are on a glorious journey that is full of hope, joy, and love.

This year for Infusion we are going to talk about the frustrations that accompany church structure, what constitutes a healthy church, and how you can find your place in God’s design of the church.



Paul Decker

University at Buffalo
Buffalo, NY

and also...

Joe Shea

Campus Area Director
Worcester, MA

Elizabeth Cernoia

Fitchburg State University
Fitchburg, MA

Cindy Capuano

The College at Brockport
Greece, NY

Kendyl Geeze

Worcester State University
Worcester, MA

Lexi Nesbitt

Monroe Community College
Rochester, NY

Chrissy Baxter

MCC Damon City
Rochester, NY

Steve Bugler

SUNY Albany
Albany, NY

Sally Henien

University at Buffalo
Buffalo, NY

Jenni Zulkosky

Monroe Community College
Henrietta, NY

Jordan Heersink

Campus ministry planting

Tim Stewart

University at Buffalo
Buffalo, NY

Kathleen Youngs

Fitchburg State University
Fitchburg, MA

Cost and Location

Infusion 2017 will be housed at Camp Pinnacle at the top of the scenic Helderberg Mountains, overlooking the Capital District of New York State.

Cost: $360—covers all program fees, meals and shared lodging (due by May 25)
Early bird rate: $330 (must be paid in full by May 18)

How to pay: Give your Campus Ambassadors director a $50 non-refundable deposit, via cash or check (payable to Campus Ambassadors) and pay the rest of the amount by the due date. To pay by credit card, call Grace Klein at Missions Door at 303.308.1818 ex.112 during business hours (M-Th 10:30am–5:30pm).


Infusion 2017 dates:  May 25–30



Infusion attendees may customize their week through the selection of "Workshops" and "Electives." These courses let the attendee grow in the areas that are the most relevant to their lives.


Workshops meet every day, deeply exploring a single topic throughout the course of the week. Topics include: Sharing your faith, leading small groups, social justice, media for ministry, organizing ministry, discipleship, and leading worship.


Electives are short one-time courses. Attendees will select a different elective for each day. Topics range from relationships to theology to evangelism to time management (and everything in between).

Registration is closed.